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Amazon Dash Buttons: Reorder your favorite Amazon items with Amazon Dash Buttons (English Edition)

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Amazon is the world's largest online shopping store. Amazon has always endeavored to improve the shopping experience on its online platform. In this great endeavor, Amazon introduced the Amazon Dash gadgets.

Amazon Dash gadgets comprise of a host of portable physical and virtual shopping gadgets available to the customer that are directly linked to the customer's online Amazon account. These gadgets include Amazon Wand and Amazon Buttons.

This book seeks to provide relevant information that can enable you to boost your shopping experience by utilizing Amazon Buttons. You may have heard about them or have some knowledge about them. This book has a beginner's approach to introduce these great Amazon shopping gadgets in such a way that you can get maximum possible utility from their usage.

Here's What's Included in this list:

  • Gettings Started with Amazon Dash
  • Difference between Physical and Virtual Amazon Dash Buttons
  • Pricing of Amazon Dash Buttons
  • How to Acquire, Set up and Use Amazon Dash Buttons
  • Household and Office Amazon Dash Buttons
  • Grocery and Beverage Amazon Dash Buttons
  • Health, Beauty and Apparel Buttons
  • Kids, Baby and Pets Buttons
  • Sports and Equipment Buttons
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